Duel Decks : Jace vs Vraska

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The history of Ravnica has long been shaped by the struggle for supremacy among its ten feuding guilds. A tenuous peace keeps the power of the guilds in balance, but they would need little excuse to reignite the smoldering coals of a conflict that could engulf Ravnica’s world-spanning city.

Jace Beleren, a mind mage who has adopted Ravnica as his home, has seen to it that the delicate peace holds. He has become the Living Guildpact, the embodiment of the guilds’ agreement to share power, and he works tirelessly to preserve that peace.

The deadly gorgon Vraska, a Planeswalker who was born on Ravnica, is an assassin for hire who follows her own arcane moral code. She is a master of her trade, killing her marks and then disappearing into the tunnels of Ravnica’s vast undercity. Though she works mostly with the Golgari guild, she is bound by no permanent allegiance.

In the wrong hands, Vraska’s skills could destabilize an entire world. With a few key assassinations, suspicions would lead to accusations, and accusations could lead to war. Jace, the caretaker of Ravnica’s peace, refuses to let that happen.

Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska
Deck Design and Deck Development: Chris Millar and Sam Stoddard
Twitter Hashtag: #MTGJVV
Languages Available: English, Japanese
Release Date: March 14, 2014
Magic Online Release Date: May 12, 2014
MSRP: $19.99

    Noms Vo Noms Vf  Types For/End
        1.Jace, Architect of Thought  Planeswalker légendaire/4
        2.Chronomaton  Créature-artefact1/1
        3.Jace's Phantasm  Créature1/1
        4.Phantasmal Bear  Créature2/2
        5.Æther Figment  Créature1/1
        6.Crosstown Courier  Créature2/1
        7.Dream Stalker  Créature1/5
        8.Krovikan Mist  Créature*/*
        9.Merfolk Wayfinder  Créature1/2
        10.Sea Gate Oracle  Créature1/2
        11.Stealer of Secrets  Créature2/2
        12.Æther Adept  Créature2/2
        13.Archaeomancer  Créature1/2
        14.Phantasmal Dragon  Créature5/5
        15.Body Double  Créature 
        16.Leyline Phantom  Créature5/5
        17.Aeon Chronicler  Créature*/*
        18.Riftwing Cloudskate  Créature2/2
        19.Jace's Mindseeker  Créature4/4
        20.Errant Ephemeron  Créature4/4
        21.Thought Scour  Éphémère 
        22.Agoraphobia  Enchantement 
        23.Into the Roil  Éphémère 
        24.Memory Lapse  Éphémère 
        25.Prohibit  Éphémère 
        26.Remand  Éphémère 
        27.Claustrophobia  Enchantement 
        28.Griptide  Éphémère 
        29.Ray of Command  Éphémère 
        30.Control Magic  Enchantement 
        31.Summoner's Bane  Éphémère 
        32.Jace's Ingenuity  Éphémère 
        33.Future Sight  Enchantement 
        34.Spelltwine  Rituel 
        35.Dread Statuary  Terrain 
        36.Halimar Depths  Terrain 
        37.Island  Terrain de base 
        38.Island  Terrain de base 
        39.Island  Terrain de base 
        40.Island  Terrain de base 
        41.Island  Terrain de base 
        42.Vraska the Unseen  Planeswalker légendaire/5
        43.Pulse Tracker  Créature1/1
        44.Shadow Alley Denizen  Créature1/1
        45.Tavern Swindler  Créature2/2
        46.Wight of Precinct Six  Créature1/1
        47.Death-Hood Cobra  Créature2/2
        48.Gatecreeper Vine  Créature0/2
        49.River Boa  Créature2/1
        50.Vinelasher Kudzu  Créature1/1
        51.Putrid Leech  Créature2/2
        52.Sadistic Augermage  Créature3/1
        53.Slate Street Ruffian  Créature2/2
        54.Oran-Rief Recluse  Créature1/3
        55.Spawnwrithe  Créature2/2
        56.Stonefare Crocodile  Créature3/2
        57.Ohran Viper  Créature neigeuse1/2
        58.Corpse Traders  Créature3/3
        59.Festerhide Boar  Créature3/3
        60.Mold Shambler  Créature3/3
        61.Highway Robber  Créature2/2
        62.Nekrataal  Créature2/1
        63.Reaper of the Wilds  Créature4/5
        64.Acidic Slime  Créature2/2
        65.Drooling Groodion  Créature4/3
        66.Tragic Slip  Éphémère 
        67.Hypnotic Cloud  Rituel 
        68.Night's Whisper  Rituel 
        69.Marsh Casualties  Rituel 
        70.Treasured Find  Rituel 
        71.Last Kiss  Éphémère 
        72.Stab Wound  Enchantement 
        73.Underworld Connections  Enchantement 
        74.Consume Strength  Éphémère 
        75.Grisly Spectacle  Éphémère 
        76.Golgari Guildgate  Terrain 
        77.Rogue's Passage  Terrain 
        78.Tainted Wood  Terrain 
        79.Swamp  Terrain de base 
        80.Swamp  Terrain de base 
        81.Swamp  Terrain de base 
        82.Swamp  Terrain de base 
        83.Swamp  Terrain de base 
        84.Forest  Terrain de base 
        85.Forest  Terrain de base 
        86.Forest  Terrain de base 
        87.Forest  Terrain de base 
        88.Forest  Terrain de base