Deck Magic the Gathering : [Duel Deck] Phyrexia VS The Coalition — Phyrexia

[Duel Deck] Phyrexia VS The Coalition — Phyrexia

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Explications de l'auteur

The Phyrexian servant’s mouth-scythes vibrate in a mockery of organic life. "The Grand Evolution has begun," it rasps. "Our portals have pierced Dominaria’s planar boundaries, opening the way for our invasion. The biologicals’ flesh is ripe for phyresis—it begs for the etching benevolence of the Father of Machines."

"What do I have at my disposal?" you ask.

"The birth priests have awakened broodlings and debasers, a force of plague carriers, and a Gargantua, my lord." The servant leans forward, its grease-blackened cilia quivering. "The biologicals’ early scouts have proved useful as raw materials for reprocessing—a Negator hatches as we speak."

"Excellent. What of the enemy?"

"Dominaria has united against us, amassing a meaningless coalition of the unevolved and the incomplete,” the servant says, its eye-rods clicking in disgust. "Their defiance violates our every Scripture."

"Then we shall enlighten them,” you snarl, clenching your fists. "Go, convey my order to invade. We shall tear the primitive flesh from their frames and forge their very bodies anew. We shall remake this plane in the name of Phyrexia!"

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