Archenemy Nicol Bolas Schemes

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Les machinations du pack Archenemy Nicol Bolas

    Noms Vo Noms Vf  Types For/End
        1.Because I Have Willed It  Machination Continue 
        2.Behlod My Grandeur  Machination 
        3.Bow to My Command  Machination Continue 
        4.Choose Your Demise  Machination 
        5.Delight in the Hunt  Machination 
        6.Every Dream a Nightmare  Machination 
        7.For Each Of You, A Gift  Machination 
        8.Know Evil  Machination 
        9.Make Yourself Useful  Machination 
        10.The Mighty Will Fall  Machination 
        11.My Forces Are Innumerable  Machination Continue 
        12.My Laughter Echoes  Machination Continue 
        13.No One Will Hear Your Cries  Machination 
        14.Pay Tribute to Me  Machination 
        15.Power Without Equal  Machination 
        16.A Reckoning Approaches  Machination 
        17.There Is No Refuge  Machination 
        18.This World Belongs to Me  Machination 
        19.What's Yours Is Now Mine  Machination 
        20.When Will You Learn ?  Machination