From The Vault : Angels

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Appearing in the skies above the fiercest battles, Angels are known throughout the Multiverse for their awesome power and terrible fury. This limited-edition box set contains fifteen Magic: The Gathering cards featuring a host of the most formidable winged warriors to ever grace the game.

Content and Details

Fifteen premium foil cards, including five with new art.
An exclusive Spindown™ life counter.
A collector's guide.
Each card has been printed using a foil process unique to the From the Vault series.
From the Vault: Angels will be available worldwide in English only, and will have an extremely limited print run.
All cards are black bordered and tournament legal. This means that these cards are legal for use in any tournaments where the original printings are still legal.

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Product Concept and Development: Gavin Verhey and Jeremy Jarvis, with contributions from Mark Purvis

Release Date: August 21, 2015

    Noms Vo Noms Vf  Types For/End
        1.Akroma, Angel of Fury  Créature légendaire6/6
        2.Akroma, Angel of Wrath  Créature légendaire6/6
        3.Archangel of Strife  Créature6/6
        4.Aurelia, the Warleader  Créature légendaire3/4
        5.Avacyn, Angel of Hope  Créature légendaire8/8
        6.Baneslayer Angel  Créature5/5
        7.Entreat the Angels  Rituel 
        8.Exalted Angel  Créature4/5
        9.Iona, Shield of Emeria  Créature légendaire7/7
        10.Iridescent Angel  Créature4/4
        11.Jenara, Asura of War  Créature légendaire3/3
        12.Lightning Angel  Créature3/4
        13.Platinum Angel  Créature-artefact4/4
        14.Serra Angel  Créature4/4
        15.Tariel, Reckoner of Souls  Créature légendaire4/7