Happy Holidays Cards

The Happy Holidays cards are tournament-prohibited, silver-bordered, fun cards in foil. Wizards of the Coast has been giving these out annually at their Holiday party. People who have been given these cards include members of Wizards internal teams as well as business partners.

C.R.Nom VoNom VfManaTypeF/E
        1.Fruitcake Elemental Créature7/7
        2.Gifts Given Éphémère 
        3.Evil Presents Rituel 
        4.Season's Beating Rituel 
        5.Snow Mercy Enchantement neigeux 
        6.Yule Ooze Créature1/1
        7.Naughty // Nice //  Rituel 
        8.Stocking Tiger Créature-artefact3/3
        9.Mishra's Toy Workshop  
        10.Goblin Sleigh RideGoblin Sleigh Ride Rituel 
        11.Thopter Pie Network Enchantement 
        12.Some DIsassembly Required Enchantement